Hair Loss Treatment Clinic Testimonials

Hair Loss Treatment Clinic Testimonials

Just a few of our many testimonials from patients of our Guardian featured Clinic located in a medical house in Harley Street:


A 27 year old female presented with Alopecia areata since age 10 and wearing a full wig. Most of her hair was missing. She had been with a Trichologist for most of the time and had been using topical serum treatments. She also had IBS since age 18, which was getting worse and she was on the FODMAP diet. She reported that her energy was very low.

This delightful lady was tested to diagnose and address her imbalances. Her treatment plan was formulated based on her test results and she booked an appointment with the Nutritional Therapist on the team


to help increase the variety in her foods, according to her personal preferences and intolerances.

  • Within one month, she reported that her hair was falling less and her IBS had resolved and she no longer had brain fog
  • Within two months she reported her hair was growing back and that she was “enjoying the fabulous recipes”. Her immune system was stronger – her husband had a cold but she didn’t catch it
  • Within 5 months she reported that her hair was still growing back and also her eyelashes, which had been missing since she was 8 years old.

She has very kindly given us permission to publish on our website the photos of her progress so far in her hair loss treatment.

Alopecia areata treatment
Alopecia areata treatment
Progress at 16 months:
Alopecia areata treatment
Progress at 16 months:
Alopecia areata treatment
Bianca - London

“Working with Deborah was a final attempt for me to pursue ‘normality’ back into my life after having suffered with Alopecia Areata for 20 years and IBS symptoms for the whole of my adult life. I was extremely sceptical, however after my initial talk with Deborah it seemed as though she instantly knew what was causing these issues, something that I had never heard of before as well as being gluten intolerant, despite going through rigorous NHS testing.

After making the adjustments to my lifestyle that Deborah recommended, I can eat out without being worried about any pain and discomfort the following day and also I have seen huge improvements in my hair growth; I am about 18 months in and my hair is on its way to growing back. It is a slow and steady process, and you have to trust it, but it is well worth the commitment and time, and I love being able to eat out with friends and enjoy my food again.

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Sarah T, London

I started losing my hair when I was 14 years old – twenty years ago. It originally started as thinning hair then got progressively worse until I had to start wearing a wig a few years ago. As a woman, it hugely impacted my confidence and I struggled with depression and anxiety. I have seen so many doctors and health professionals in the past and no-one could provide any answers for me. It was soul-destroying.

Then I found Deborah and started working with her. Her approach is extremely thorough and she leaves no stone unturned. It was so refreshing for someone to listen to me. I religiously stuck to her advice and treatment programme and slowly but surely my hair started growing back! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now I no longer have to wear a wig. My confidence has hugely improved and mentally I am in a good place. I am extremely grateful to Deborah for all she has done for me. It has changed my life. She is kind, caring and really listens to you. I cannot recommend her highly enough

Elspeth, Warwick

I had tried for years to find answers about my hair loss. I saw so many people and spent a fortune – unfortunately none of it worked. My hair didn’t grow unless I was given steroid injections but the wispy regrowth was very short-lived – as soon as the injection wore off, the hair fell out. It’s so depressing as a woman to have this problem and it has seriously affected my self-confidence.

Then I met Deborah. It was so refreshing to be listened to and you get the feeling that she really does care. After the tests she chose for me, I started her treatment. Immediately I felt better in myself and the hair stopped falling. I did everything she suggested and my hair started to grow back. It was unbelievable! Today my hair is perfect and I feel much happier and confident. I can’t thank Deborah enough.

Craig, Brisbane
It is easy for us to go with the flow and believe everything that we are told. However there is immense value in working with someone like Deborah who will challenge established practice, to our benefit.
Leona, Aberdeen

After consulting many health practitioners about my hair loss without much success, it was a huge relief to meet Deborah. She took a huge amount of time listening to my story and my health concerns. She was extremely thorough and I finally felt I had found someone who could help me. She has been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout my treatment and I have seen significant improvements in the three months she has been treating me.

Sharon, London
I have just begun my 4th month of treatment with Deborah and my health has improved massively. I feel 70% better and well on the way to 100%. I was 4 stone overweight and I have lost 20 pounds in weight so far. Deborah informs me that the diet will take me back to my normal weight and not below that. My skin and hair have improved dramatically. I have no more bloating, trapped wind or pain in my stomach. I have even been able to go through the night without getting up to the toilet on several occasions, and as a result I am sleeping much better. I have so much more energy and feel a lot more stable emotionally.
Edward, Zurich

Having just finished a course of treatment under the auspices of
Deborah Grant, I hope a fitting testimonial with regards to its success would be of
some compelling incentive to try it. I was impressed from the start with the relaxed
environs and professionalism of Deborah. Everything is thoroughly discussed and
explained, so that you feel fully informed and actively involved in your own healing
process. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic, and only wish I had
discovered it sooner!

Anna, Sydney
I highly recommend Deborah Grant to anyone who is looking to trace and treat the source of their illness rather than just their symptoms. I live in Norway, and I am very grateful that I managed to find her.
Melvin, Rome
I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone – she has been the only one that has helped me and actually listened. She was a great person to talk to on a monthly basis. I can only praise her for what she has done for me.